A lender for every customer

A lender for every customer

With our extensive network of lenders you will be able to offer all your customers greater purchasing power, regardless of whether they have great credit or are just building their credit for the first time.

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Frictionless checkout experiences

With our easy one application process, you will provide a best-in-class customer experience that eliminates friction at checkout. More credit approvals, more happy customers at your fingertips.

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Grow without the growing pains

Grow without the growing pains

Some providers call themselves platforms when all they give you is bits and pieces of a process. We took a different approach by rethinking every touch point. From a single clearing file, to streamlined reporting, we’ve created one centralized hub that saves you time.

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Integrate once, innovate forever

Build a foundation for the future

As your business grows and changes, we keep up. Whether you want to access new lenders or lending products, the Vyze platform’s adaptive technology opens up a world of opportunities to get you ahead and keep you there.

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Expand and thrive with the Vyze platform from Mastercard


incremental sales


higher order value


average tech savings over 5 years


We never want to have to tell our customers no to a healthy lifestyle so we looked for a partner that could help us fulfill this mission. With Vyze, we can now deliver convenient financing to nearly all of our customers right as they are looking for it, while shopping online or speaking to one of our call center representatives.

Ryan Dunkley, VP of Marketing

The smartest retailers are choosing Vyze. Find out why.

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