By partnering with leading research institutions and analysts, we bring you the ten thousand square foot view of retail credit & loyalty, and the ground zero view of retailers and consumers.

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Forrester's Total Economic Impact Report

Forrester Research interviewed a Vyze customer to develop a report showing the Total Economic Impact (TEI) of using the Vyze platform. T...

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2017 Holiday Sales Results Signal the Start of a Retail Credit Mo

The numbers are in from the 2017 holiday shopping season, and the results are overwhelmingly positive. Read more..

The Customer Dynamics That Are Changing Retail Credit Forever

Despite the plethora of retail bankruptcy headlines in 2017, some retailers are continuing to exceed growth estimates. What are these ret...

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2018 Retail Consumer Market Map

Find out what companies work with retailers today to optimize the credit experience – from lenders to technology partners.

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The Great Retail Road Trip

Almost everyone loves a road trip. Some road trips are spontaneous, while others are planned with great detail. In this road trip, we kno...

Seamless Financing Captures Sales For ABC Warehouse

Since its founding in 1963, ABC Warehouse’s “no frills” style to selling the household appliances and electronics that people want...

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How The Largest Home Improvement Retailer is Boosting Revenue

The modern retail market is extraordinarily competitive. Every marketing dollar invested in gaining store visits counts, as does converti...

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Gen Y Trends In Consumer Financing

Find out what Gen Y thinks about retail financing and what features they are most interested in.

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Merchant Financing: Consumer Perspectives

Find out what products consumers are most interested in financing and what type of financing solution is most attractive to them.

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2017 Retail Financing Market Map

Find out what companies work with retailers today to optimize the credit experience – from lenders to technology partners.

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Trends In Consumer Financing By Generation

Learn the different perspectives of Gen Y, Gen X, and Baby Boomers when it comes to credit promotions and features.

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How Customer-Obsessed Retailers Are Rethinking Payments

Join us as we discuss the tried & true and hot & new ways retailers are leveraging payments to grow their bottom line with leadin...

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Purchasing Habits of Gen Z, Gen Y: Your Assumptions Are Wrong

We’ve all seen the headlines surrounding Millennials…..“Millennials don’t know how to save.” “Millennials are afraid of credi...

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The Future Of Retail Consumer Financing

Despite the fact that nearly half of consumers seek out retailers that offer financing, there is a struggle to adequately serve consumer...

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The 9 Numbers CFO's Must Know About Retail Credit

You know ROI matters in everything you do, especially when it comes to your credit program. The challenge lies in developing the right st...

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The State of Lending in 2017

Customer experience doesn’t start with artificial intelligence. It starts with real intelligence to ensure that your customers have pay...

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Credit & Customer Happiness: A Winning Duo

When making major life purchases, like houses or cars, consumers typically use credit. But what happens when consumers seek to purchase o...

Consumer Financing Builds Repeat Sales & Loyalty

Retailers today must do everything they can to succeed. They must not only attract customers, but also ensure that those customers stay l...

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Growth Trends in Retail Consumer Financing for 2017

Retailers have long worked with consumer financing providers to extend credit to their customers. However, when the industry is examined...

Download What's Next in Payments

As the retail industry becomes more aware of the benefits and accessibility of expanding credit, a few market dynamics are to be expected...

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Who is Vyze?

Watch our 2 minute brand video to learn how we are making retail credit less complicated and more accessible.

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Vyze Platform Impact Calculator

Find out how much revenue Vyze can add to your bottom line...

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Vyze Direct to Consumer Solution For Brands

We work with manufacturer brands that are seeking new, innovativ...

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The smartest retailers are choosing Vyze. Find out why.

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