Webinar Recap: 8 Customer Dynamics Driving Retail Credit Changes

News of store closings, the domination of a hand-full of ecommerce players, and executive leadership shake-ups are evidence of a changing retail landscape. However, in the midst of this shifting industry some retailers have continued to thrive. We wondered, what exactly is driving this change, and more importantly, what do customers really care about? We … Continued

Webinar Recap: Why Retailers are Rethinking Payments

When it comes to your customers, you’re borderline obsessed with them. You yearn to provide them with the best customer experience out there when they are shopping in your store or online. You look to recognize patterns in their shopping habits, hoping to put the pieces of the puzzle as to what you can do … Continued

How Fintech Platforms will Redefine the Customer Experience

Today’s retailers all have at least one objective in common: optimize the customer experience. In the age of innovation, with technology like AI, predictive analysis, and personalization, retailers are quick to adopt the latest and greatest solutions with the goal of providing the best shopping experiences to their customers. The problem lies in that no … Continued