The Must-See Sessions at Forrester CX NYC 2018

The 2018 conference season has been full of great insights for retailers eagerly looking to better understand and serve their customer base. Despite conferences winding down and the approaching summer, there is one final event that should be on every retailer’s calendar. The Forrester CX Forum is an annual event, held from June 19-20 in … Continued

5 Ways Retailers Can Secure their In-House Credit Programs

We’re currently experiencing massive disruption in the consumer credit landscape. Several major credit card companies recently announced that they will remove the signature requirement for in-person transactions, beginning in April 2018. With the launch of facial recognition technology on Apple’s iPhoneX and other devices, retailers are poised to use consumer faces to create more effective … Continued

How Retail Credit Can be a Powerful Loyalty Driver

Retaining customers and winning repeat sales has never been more important as retailers face increasing competitive pressure. This is true now more than ever, since just a few retailers control such a large share of consumer shopping. The top 10 merchants generated 51 percent of revenues earned by all the brands on the National Retail Federation’s Top … Continued

How Retail Credit Fits into Your eCommerce Strategy

Retailers, you are ever the optimists. There were some major retail winners and losers in 2017, but as a whole, 60 percent of you rate the state of the overall retail sector as “very healthy”. That’s according to our Vyze Merchant Credit Report, where the overwhelming majority of respondents are bullish on the future of … Continued

What Retailers Need to Fix in Their Online Experience

The online shopping experience has improved dramatically since the birth of ecommerce, but let’s face the facts -it could still use some work. Just think about the steps in your own online shopping journey, and you’ll know why. How many times have you abandoned a retail website due to slow load times, the inability to … Continued

How eCommerce Retailers Made Big Gains with Loyalty in 2017

The books are closed on the 2017 holiday shopping season, and it definitely didn’t disappoint. Retailers came up with all kinds of interesting strategies last year, making it seem like the retail industry’s version of the popular HBO show “Game of Thrones”, eager to drive high holiday sales and build a loyal customer base. Target … Continued

What to Expect from Retail in 2018

To say that retail has had quite the year would be nothing short of an understatement. To sum it up best, 2017 was a year that challenged the paradigm of retail. Plagued with high profile store closures, ecommerce gaining more shares of the market, and new technology emerging on the scene, retailers were left questioning … Continued

What Retail Conferences to Attend in 2018

With the holidays behind us, retailers and brands are looking to hit the ground running in 2018. In the midst of what some may call a retail revolution, retailers are eager to keep up with the latest trends to best serve their customers. The retail conference is a favorite among retailers as they are typically … Continued

What’s Happened So Far in the 2017 Holiday Shopping Season?

The 2017 holiday shopping season started with a bang.  According to data collected by Adobe Analytics, consumers have already spent an estimated $65.15 billion during the 2017 holiday shopping season.  And of that $65.15 billion, over $1 billion per day since the start of the season has been transacted online.  If that pace keeps up, … Continued

What Consumers are Buying this Holiday Season

The holiday shopping season is upon us. With some of the largest shopping days of the year under our belt, retailers have gotten a taste of what consumers expect from them this year. This consumer preference is evident as we look at the results from the Black Friday weekend, with online sales growing 17% over … Continued

How Retailers Can Stand out in the 2017 Holiday Shopping Season

The 2017 holiday season has arrived, and every retailer is wondering the same thing: how will we fare this year?  Preparations have been underway for months as retailers scramble to anticipate the desires of this year’s holiday shoppers. And if sales projections play out, those efforts will be well worth it.  After a 3.5 percent … Continued

5 Retailers Paving the Way with Great Customer Experiences

It’s arguably the biggest buzzword of the year in the retail industry: customer experience. Retailers are obsessed with customer experience, yet struggle to put their finger on just what facet of their business they should focus on to reach more loyal customers. Customer experience is defined as the interaction between an organization and a customer … Continued

Are Outdated Retail Credit Options Costing You Sales?

Today’s shoppers are asking for more out of every interaction during their shopping experience, and when it comes to the credit options they want, it is no different.  In fact, according to an eNation study of over 2,000 consumers, 42% of consumers said that they seek out retailers that offer credit. Believe it or not, that number is even higher … Continued

How Retail Credit Plays a Part in the Evolution of Brick & Mortar

“Survival of the fittest” isn’t on the tip of your tongue when describing the retail industry.  But that’s what’s happening right before our eyes: the market is performing natural selection on retailers across the globe.    Unlike the animal kingdom, retailers have a lot more control over their ability to survive – but that doesn’t … Continued

What Millennials and Gen Z Really Want at Checkout

We’ve seen the headlines: “Millennials only like shopping on their phones”, “Younger Generations Hate Credit Cards”, “Millennials and GenZ aren’t loyal customers”, and the list goes on and on. The press today has painted the picture that Millennials and Gen Z are dramatically different than older generations, especially when it comes to purchasing and payments. … Continued

What it means to be Amazon Proof

These days, it seems that no business is immune to the Amazon effect. Grocery chain stocks (Costco, Target, and Walmart among them) lost a combined value of $12 billion at the end of August. The loss, coincidentally, occurred after an announcement that Amazon will slash Whole Foods’ prices. Many massive retailers are losing out to … Continued

Using Sales Associates to Boost Customer Loyalty

There’s a myth that retail sales associates will be irrelevant with the dawn of new checkout technology and will be the first thing to go when retailers look to cut costs. This couldn’t be further from the truth as retailers rush to hire more sales associates than previous years in preparation for the upcoming holiday … Continued

What Stores’ Top 100 Retailers are Doing Right

It has been called the beginning of the retail apocalypse. However in the midst of closing storefronts, news of bankruptcy, and slow summer sales, retail continues to grow. In fact, sales are up 2.8% from last year. Why is this? It’s not the end of retail, but instead the end of retail as many know … Continued

How To Give Your Shoppers More Ways To Buy

It’s already been a long year for CE retailers. There’s the proposed $1 trillion Border Adjustment Tax (BAT)currently under consideration in DC; the end of hhgregg with more than 220 stores standing empty across the country; not to mention the continued rise (and threat) of Amazon, whose stock price topped over $1,000 a share on May 30. Retailers looking to … Continued

Webinar Recap: 8 Customer Dynamics Driving Retail Credit Changes

News of store closings, the domination of a hand-full of ecommerce players, and executive leadership shake-ups are evidence of a changing retail landscape. However, in the midst of this shifting industry some retailers have continued to thrive. We wondered, what exactly is driving this change, and more importantly, what do customers really care about? We … Continued

How Changing Customer Credit Preferences are Shaping Checkout

How customers liked to shop 20 years ago differs wildly from today. With rapid tech innovation, comes rapid change. To best serve these modern shoppers, retailers have been quick to adopt novel retail innovation, like virtual reality, personalization, and elaborate product displays in an attempt to create superior customer experiences and retain these customers. However, … Continued

Webinar Recap: Why Retailers are Rethinking Payments

When it comes to your customers, you’re borderline obsessed with them. You yearn to provide them with the best customer experience out there when they are shopping in your store or online. You look to recognize patterns in their shopping habits, hoping to put the pieces of the puzzle as to what you can do … Continued

The Power of Financing: An interview with Michael Marcus

Retailers are underestimating the value of financing as part of the marketing mix. That’s the view of Michael Marcus, an expert in the field of retail financing. He believes that a lack of awareness about how technology has transformed both the administration and customer experience of financing means that retailers could be missing out on … Continued

How Retailers Can Win Omnichannel with Financial Technology

With the growing prominence of ecommerce, many industry experts have been led to think that this could be the end of brick-and-mortar storefronts, as we know them. In reality this is far from the truth. This isn’t the end of in-store nor is it the complete domination of online. Instead, the real value lies in … Continued

How Fintech Platforms will Redefine the Customer Experience

Today’s retailers all have at least one objective in common: optimize the customer experience. In the age of innovation, with technology like AI, predictive analysis, and personalization, retailers are quick to adopt the latest and greatest solutions with the goal of providing the best shopping experiences to their customers. The problem lies in that no … Continued

5 Key Takeaways From The State of Retail Lending in 2017 Webinar

As a retailer, you know how valuable credit is in acquiring customers and driving sales. However there are certain aspects of your credit program that you may be overlooking. During our State of Retail Lending in 2017 we sat down with five industry leaders in retail credit to talk about customer trends, optimizing the experience, … Continued

A Consumer Financing Carol: Programs of Past, Present & Future

For retailers one of the most stressful times of the year is the holiday shopping season. Between new holiday hiring, managing inventory, and sales promotions to get customers into the store, a holiday headache can ensue. For many customers during this time of year, they rely heavily on store credit to make their holiday purchases. … Continued

5 Trends for Retail Consumer Financing in 2017

At the end of every year, retailers dive head first into planning mode. This includes strategizing, setting goals, and most importantly figuring out how to execute on them in the coming year. For retailers sizing up the trends for 2017, some of the biggest developments are taking place in the consumer financing space. That’s because … Continued

The 3 Keys to Understanding Financing for Each Generation

Want the cliffs notes version? Skip to the bottom of this post and check out the infographic.  Retail marketers are constantly tasked with figuring out different ways to cater to the next generation of shoppers: millennials. With over 75 million people lumped in this group, the millennials, ages 18 to 34 are the largest generation. To … Continued

6 Best Practices for Fighting Online Retail Fraud

As the shift from customers shopping in-store moves online, retailers are not only faced with providing a great online experience but also insuring that this process is safe and secure every step of the way for their customers. With the growing ecommerce presence, it is becoming more and more important that online retailers protect customers … Continued

9 Numbers Every CFO Should Know About Retail Credit

By: John Whitmarsh, CFO  & Matt Welton, VP of Lending When was the last time that you sat down and actually dug into your private label credit program to figure out where the growth opportunities and weaknesses were? Chances are it’s not something you do regularly since trying to find meaning in all that big data … Continued

Eliminate “False Security”: 5 Ways to Stay PCI Compliant

By: Terence Spielman and Denis Brooker It’s seems that barely a week goes by without hearing about another major security breach at a mega-retailer, bank or other large organization. One thing that many of these organizations have in common: most, if not all, were not compliant in at least one aspect of the Payment Card … Continued

Go Beyond “Big Data” To Build Accurate Forecasts

Producing accurate sales forecasts is by no means an exact science for retailers. But economic and competitive pressures, fluctuating sales, and dramatic changes in consumer purchasing behavior has made it downright perplexing. Trying to pinpoint exactly where, when and how consumers will make purchases at any given time makes forecasting even more difficult. On demand … Continued