Quick Launch Financing Through The Vyze Financing Center

Through the Vyze Financing Center portal, customers have access to in-store financing beyond the POS terminal. This is our quick to market solution to get you up and running and serving more consumers as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

In-Store Financing For All

Our technology platform connects your customers to more purchasing power. No need to wait to get your customers in front of the register to make them aware of credit and approved for it.

One Application

Give consumers access to multiple lending options of your choosing through one application at checkout.

Purchase immediately

Allow consumers to immediately use their new credit offer to make a purchase

Apply Online, Redeem In-Store

Empower consumer choice of where to apply for financing and when to use it. With the Vyze platform from Mastercard, omnichannel capabilities are first nature.

Stress-free Implementation & Launch

No APIs or major integration work are needed to get Financing Center added to your program. With a reliable internet connection you have the ability to pull up the Vyze Financing Center on any kiosk, iPad, or digital device.

Knowledge sharing

We learn about your goals, and then recommend the capabilities needed to support them.

Lender sourcing

We then work with you to identify the right lending partners for your business and your consumer base.

Technical integration

Vyze’s Portal solution requires no technical integration. Financing functions are available via a standard web browser.

Monitor & Optimize Results

Get the insights that will ensure your credit program’s long-term success and get more time back in your day. Our end-to-end solution makes day to day management of your credit program easy-breezy.

Reporting & Monitoring

We provide detailed performance reporting with recommendations to continuously improve your results in addition to holding quarterly meetings, and executive on-sites to make sure we are meeting and exceeding benchmarks.

Settlement & Disputes

We are all about efficiency – that means a better clearing, settlement and dispute management process. We deliver one consolidating report with all settled transactions and offers one centralized portal to manage disputes.

Data Security

Rest easy knowing your consumer’s data is safe. We store all of our data on servers in secure facilities, and implement strict systematic processes and procedures for securing and storing data. Plus, we are PCI compliant.

Portal – How it works

  1. Rose is ready to checkout in-store. The store associate hands her a tablet to apply via the Vyze Financing Center.
  2. Rose enters a few personal details and submits the application.
  3. Rose’s application is automatically sent to the first lender in your selected group of lenders,if Rose’s application is declined by the first lender,the application will flow though the waterfall of lenders to identify a suitable offer for Rose.
  4. The matching credit offer is presented to Rose for her to review.
  5. Rose accepts the offer and uses her new account to make her purchase.

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