Mastercard Vyze Solutions

Enable consumer financing where your consumers prefer to shop


  • Accessible from POS terminal
  • Full API integration
  • Fully configurable

POS Mobile Apply

  • UX on a mobile device
  • No API integration
  • Highly configurable

Hosted UX

  • Accessible through the Cloud
  • Minimal API integration
  • Fully customizable

Magento Plugin

  • Prebuilt integration to Magento Commerce 2
  • No API integration


  • Hosted in the Cloud
  • No API Integration
  • Preconfigured

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We Know Retail

  • Appliances & Electronics
  • Auto Parts & Tire
  • Big Box & Department Stores
  • Fitness & Sporting Goods
  • Home Furnishings & Bedding
  • Home Improvement
  • Specialty

Appliances & Electronics

Price drives consumer behavior.  Comparison shopping, price matching, and waiting for holiday sales – these tactics are incredibly effective, and really tough to beat. 


Vyze can help you stand out in a sea of competition. Whether it’s an in-store shopper looking at washers or an online visitor browsing for laptops, our retail credit platform gives you the flexibility to give purchasing power to every customer in a quick, easy, and user-friendly format.  Customers gain the additional purchasing power they desire. And you? You get higher sales, greater loyalty, and longer-term relationships with customers.

Auto Parts & Tire

With thousands of makes and models of cars and trucks on the roads today, it’s nearly impossible to carry everything.  Shoppers often leave your store or website without that part or tire they so desperately want. Of course, this situation is not ideal – but it happens.  


But what if you could use retail credit offers to entice shoppers to purchase alternative products, or increase that purchase from one tire to all four tires? Give shoppers the increased purchasing power they desire using Vyze.  Our platform gives you the flexibility to make attractive credit offers to shoppers using multiple lenders.  And it seamlessly connects into both your in-store and online experience, so all shoppers can benefit from a boost in purchasing power.

Big Box & Department Stores

The hype is all about niche boutiques these days, and they really keep you on your toes.  They bring fresh styles to prospective customers.  And as if their unique offerings weren’t enough, there’s also large ecommerce retailers in the mix. What gives?


What can you offer to keep customers coming back for more? Increased purchasing power can go a long way towards building a loyal following.  Vyze gives a needed boost to both your business and your customers.  Customers get a wide range of flexible credit options in a simple, straightforward interface, and you get increased opportunities to develop a long-term commitment to your brand.

Fitness & Sporting Goods

With the shift towards at-home workouts, consumers are looking for a new way to finance the equipment they need. 


Sales for fitness products and sporting goods are growing, but big-ticket purchases remain a tough sell. So how can you motivate shoppers to invest in that exercise bike or treadmill when it’s a stretch for their budget? Credit options can open the doors to shoppers with varied credit histories.  And that’s exactly what Vyze provides: retail credit offers that meet each individual’s needs.  And you?  You get a flexible vehicle for increasing sales, brand loyalty, and lifetime customer value.

Home Furnishings & Bedding

When consumers think about buying furniture – online purchasing is becoming more and more prevalent.  However, few offer online financing options.  The brick & mortar space is a different story, leaning heavily on the traditional credit process, in-store promotions and “no payments, no interest” offers.


How can you get more prospective customers through your doors – online & offline, and help shoppers afford a $1,500 couch? Vyze helps you to propel customers towards big-ticket purchases with confidence.  You get an easy way to offer shoppers credit options, and shoppers get a leg up in making purchases that might otherwise be out of their budget range.

Home Improvement

A wide variety of consumers with differing interests interact with your brand every day.  The seasoned professional comes in for a large lumber purchase.  The new homeowner browses ceiling fans on your website.  The gardener stops by to check out seasonal plants. And the list goes on.


The challenge lies in making your store feel like home to all your customers. Our platform gives retailers the tools to offer wide-ranging credit financing options, turning prospective customers into repeat buyers.


Competition is around every corner for specialty retailers. Every day, big players add new product sets.  They may not carry musical instruments or high-end sunglasses today, but tomorrow might be a different story. How do you stay ahead of the competition and secure your loyal customers? Create value for them in the purchasing process.


Vyze can help. Vyze’s technology enables retailers to offer credit promotions to all shoppers – all in an easy, user-friendly format.  Retailers get the benefits of increased purchases and long-term customer loyalty.

The smartest retailers are choosing Vyze. Find out why.

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