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Leading Brands Team Up With Vyze

Here are just a few

“We’ve always had financing, but we’ve never been able to reach so many customers. 25% of our total volume is now matched to a lender through the Vyze platform.”

Lary Sinewitz

Executive Vice President

“Not only has Vyze allowed us to deliver a superior financing experience to all our customers, it has also resulted in newly acquired customers, increased customer loyalty, and sales.”



“Vyze is playing a critical role in growing our direct-to-consumer business by taking the time to really understand our business, bringing numerous lenders to the table, consulting us on our technical options, and taking on the heavy-lifting of integrating multiple lenders to get us up and running…all while facilitating the best possible customer experience. Now that’s full-service.”

Ryan Dunkley

VP of Marketing

“The Vyze platform has opened up avenues we didn’t dream of a year ago. We can take our current business and expand across a broader population, allowing us to grow faster than we could on our own. The Vyze platform and people sold us. Their thought-leadership and ability to help us integrate what we do well allows us to reach merchants, empowering our customers and end-users to do more.”

Rick Stipe

Executive Director

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