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Join Vyze at Forrester’s 2018 CXNYC Forum

Customer Experience as an Engine of Growth

Most retailers know that customer experience is key in growing their brand. But when it comes to creating those experiences that get customers in the door and to return, what is the CX secret sauce? In a time where there is so much noise surrounding what makes great customer experiences, insight and collaboration is needed to help cut through and allow your business to thrive. The Forrester CX Forum works to solve just that.

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A little background

The most successful brands have learned to deploy deep customer understanding to deliver compelling, engaging, experiences in the moment. The next generation of CX innovators, however, are using the insights derived from deep customer understanding to discover completely new business opportunities, expand customer relationships into new verticals, and explosively grow revenues. This radical innovation can only be pursued by enterprises that are driven by CX, not merely informed or improved by it.

Forrester’s 2018 CXNYC Forum will leverage Forrester’s most recent research and the experiences from the brands that have implemented them, to help CX pros expand their existing CX strategy — from the delivery of exceptional customer experiences towards the new opportunities that CX leadership can offer.

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What You’ll Learn

  1. Why the key to doing customer experience well is to be more than informed and improved by it, but instead to use it to drive customer centric innovation.
  2. The next wave of digital CX, how you can prepare, and the customer experience technologies that really drive growth.
  3. How to create offensive CX that can evolve and stay relevant amidst evolving customer preferences, and meet customer’s unmet needs.

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Why Attend

Your customer experience is what sets you apart. Creating a great experience is crucial no matter how your customers shop, whether that is in-store or online. Many retailers won’t get the ability to connect one-on-one with leading CX experts. The Forrester CX forum opens up the doors to dive deep into CX, vs broadly like at other larger conferences.

With holiday planning quickly approaching, this forum provides you with the opportunity to get a leg up on your customer experience planning. Learn about the latest trends that drive growth. Hear about the CX tactics that worked and didn’t work firsthand from the brands that implemented them. Over the course of two days, you’ll gain invaluable exposure to the lens on customer experience that makes the difference when it comes to driving sales and building brand loyalty.

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Of strategic CX packed programming.


Consisting of senior level and executive CX leaders.

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Featuring case studies, research and CX deep dives.


Fortune 500 brands, technology disruptors, leading analysts and CX experts.

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