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Vyze is how modern financing works.

The Challenge


Customers want retail credit options: 1 in 3 say it’s their preferred way to pay at retail


Not offering credit = missed sales: 68% purchase less or abandon their purchase if they get rejected


Offering credit options for all customers hasn’t been easy: Vyze set out to change that

Section Lender

A lender for every customer

If you have ever been shopping, you know “one-size doesn’t fit all”. It’s the same with credit. Vyze gives you access to a network of lenders to empower as many customers as possible with purchasing power.

The Old Way

  • 1 lender
  • 47% or less approval rate
  • Single solution for select customers

The Vyze Way

  • 12+ lenders
  • 80%+ approval rate
  • Multiple solutions for all your customers
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One of the reasons that I really like the Vyze solution is because it enables choice. It helps customers find the best solution that works for them with the purchase that they’re making at that point.

Brendan Miller – Brendan Miller – Senior Research Analyst at Forrester Research

Section Cart

Frictionless checkout experiences

Removing customers’ pain points at checkout is critical. That’s why we built our platform with customer preferences top of mind. With Vyze, deliver the best UX credit experience in retail.

The Old Way

  • An application for every credit option
  • Long, confusing process with many steps
  • Restrictions on how to apply and use credit

The Vyze Way

  • One application for all credit options
  • Short, concise process with few steps
  • Choice of how to apply and use credit
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The great thing about Vyze is that customers in different financial situations can all enjoy the same retail experience. As retailers compete more and more on experience, this seamlessness will become an essential part of their strategy.

Don Kingsborough – President of Westfield Malls

Section Grow

Grow without the growing pains

Implementing and maintaining retail credit used to require a herculean effort. Not with Vyze. Vyze’s end-to-end platform and dedicated team of advisors saves you valuable time, money, and resources so can you do more with less.

The Old Way

  • Disjointed apply and buy process
  • Multiple clearing files
  • Disconnected performance reports

The Vyze Way

  • Purchase seamlessly flows from application
  • One clearing file with all lender transactions
  • Unified performance reports for a holistic view
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The beauty of the Vyze platform is that it removes so much of that burden from retailers. Offering a multitude of products could be a nightmare of technology integrations. However, with the Vyze platform it’s all taken care of automatically

Mike Marcus – Marcus Partners

Section Infinite

Build a foundation for the future

Retail credit will continue to evolve, yet most solutions box you into what they can do today. With Vyze, the possibilities are endless. We have the expertise and tools to keep you at the forefront of changing consumer payment preferences.

The Old Way

  • No testing capabilities
  • Limited ability to expand program
  • Limited program management guidance

The Vyze Way

  • Test by store, lender, channel
  • Ability to easily expand program
  • Dedicated team with 20+ years of experience
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It’s critical for a platform to be efficient so that it doesn’t have to be touched often, and can easily interface with multiple providers on the back end. That means minimum integration and ongoing investment. Those are all winning parts of the formula for any retailer at any company.

Amy Hanson – Former Macy’s Head of Credit

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