How Industry Conferences are Valuable to Your Credit Strategy

With 2017 just around the corner, you have most likely already gone into planning mode. With your holiday sales strategy set in place and ready to go, next on the docket is figuring out how you can drive sales and meet your revenue goals in the upcoming year.

While the sounds of attending a large industry conference may not be first thing that comes to mind in your planning process, the truth is that your attendance could be extremely valuable to your credit strategy in the long run.

If you’ve been pacing back and forth deciding how you can ramp credit sales in 2017, you may want to consider attending the king of payment & fintech conferences: Money 20/20. Here’s why:

 Get Ahead of Industry Trends

Don’t wait to read about the latest trends in customer experience, credit, or omni-channel in Internet Retailer, STORES magazine, or Hear it directly from the people that are at the front of these trends. Hundreds of industry experts will be in attendance hosting panels, demos, or talks on credit and payment innovation. You might have never thought about moving your financing program to a platform or looking to alternative lending to boost approvals and customer loyalty. There are hundreds of new, promising ideas available at your disposal. Try attending a few of these sessions:

 Discover New Technology

Developing technology internally can be expensive and time consuming. You may have something you’ve wanted to integrate into your systems or implement in your credit strategy but maybe there isn’t enough internal bandwidth to make that happen in your time frame. Many companies use industry conferences as an opportunity to debut new technology and features. You have first hand access to technology solutions at your fingertips that could help further build out your financing solutions at point of sale or ecommerce and offer credit to more of your customers.


Conferences like Money 20/20 are great opportunities to get to know people in the industry. While you may not be interested at the time in some of the solutions presented to you here, it’s always good to have that connection on hand for when the time is ripe. You can also connect with other retailers that have had experiences growing their retail credit strategy and have advice for you. Conference networking is a great time to get insight on other’s credit experiences. Not to mention getting to know retail analysts, media representatives and other thought leaders.

 Saving Meeting Time

Before deciding to attend a conference, you should skim the attendee list to see who is going to be there. As a retailer you’ve likely been pitched to, received dozens of sales emails, and have been asked to connect for meetings. With an industry conference you have the ability to knock out all of these meetings in a day instead of having to arrange and set aside time in your workday to have these conversations. You may find that you make more process in a quick conversation you have at this conference than you do playing phone tag back at the office.

Looking to learn more on how you can ramp up your credit strategy? Vyze will be at this year’s Money 20/20 held October 23rd – 26th in, you guessed it, Las Vegas. We would love to meet with you to help you achieve your 2017 revenue goals. Interested? Contact us now to schedule a meeting.

Brian Griffin is a VP of business development at Vyze. 

by Veronika Clough

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