The 9 #’s CFOs Must Know When Evaluating Their Credit Strategy

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Webinar: The 9 Numbers CFOs must know when evaluating their credit strategy

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The 9 Numbers CFO’s Must Know When Evaluating Their Credit Strategy


You know ROI matters in everything you do, especially when it comes to your credit program. The challenge lies in developing the right strategy to help your business meet those goals.

What if we told you that your credit strategy goal can be easily put in reach by knowing just 9 numbers? Would you believe us?

We will take you through the 9 numbers you need to know when evaluating the health of your credit strategy – from cost of credit, to benchmarking data, to how much it really is adding or could be adding to your bottom line. No more guesswork. No more fluff. We will pass you the torch to arm you with the right data to help you reach your next win.

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  • The latest trends driving more CFOs to invest in credit programs
  • What are the key metrics that you should be pay attention to
  • Common errors that most CFOs make when evaluating their credit strategy
  • How to spot opportunities to increase your ROI and beat your own records