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Check out our latest whitepaper on growth trends in retail consumer financing and our full library of other resources below. When you are ready to speak with someone on optimizing your financing program, contact Vyze to see how we can create financing solutions that work best for you and your customers. Let’s chat today! 

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Check out our other resources

Ebook-bridging the financing gap

When is comes to financing, consumers are accustomed to using it to buy houses, cars, and furniture. What happens when they seek flexible payment options for other high-ticket items Download to get all the data.

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Merchant offered financing is becoming more and more popular with consumers. How can retailers better optimize their financing program to capitalize on this trend? Download to find out.

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As Gen Y gets older, they are increasingly making up a bigger percentage of consumer spending.  Discover Gen Y’s relationship with financing and how businesses can better accommodate this growing demographic.

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