Purchasing Habits of Gen Z, Gen Y: Your Assumptions Are Wrong

About This Presentation

We’ve all seen the headlines surrounding Millennials…..“Millennials don’t know how to save.” “Millennials are afraid of credit cards.” “Millennials spend too much on avocado toast”, and the list goes on and on. However it’s unwise to label and underestimate the younger generations. Millennials and Gen-Z together have over $250 billion in purchasing power, and that number is only growing. Retailers putting them into boxes are sure to miss out.

At Shop.org 2017 we presented exclusive research to bust the myths surrounding the younger generations, and get to the bottom of what ultimately drives them to buy.

Watch our presentation to learn what young shoppers want and expect when it’s time to buy, what is holding you back – and how to boost loyalty & sales by meeting shoppers’ real needs at checkout.

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