The Future of Retail Consumer Financing

and why it matters to your bottom line

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On-demand Webinar:

The Future of Retail Consumer Financing…and why it Matters to Your Bottom Line.



Despite the fact that nearly half of consumers seek out retailers that offer financing, there is a struggle to adequately serve consumers with today’s options. What exactly is this struggle and how can retailers & brands overcome these obstacles?

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear Doug Filak, Vyze CMO, dive into the future of retail consumer financing and give you the information you need to offer consumers more options and better control over how they pay now, and in the future. In addition to the recording, attendees will receive an exclusive market map with all the key lending and platform players in the space.


Register for this webinar and learn:

  • Detailed view of the retail financing landscape from 10,000 ft
  • Leading research into retailers and consumers preferences and buying habits
  • Proven steps to improve your financing program in order to drive more revenue and customer loyalty
  • Exclusive insight into the financing gap and how you can solve for it now and in the future